Just what precautions does Vertex Construction use to prevent such damage?

Contrary to popular belief, no matter the age, style or manufacturer of your roof, your newly replaced roof is not waterproof.  Every professionally installed roof is still a water shedding application.  Water naturally flows where there is the least amount of resistance, which could mean inside your home during a heavy wind driven storm.  Because every roof is not waterproof, there are certain precautions that can be taken to prevent water from entering your home.  vertex construction takes these precautions very seriously in order to prevent water damage in your home.

Just what precautions does vertex construction use to prevent such damage?

  • Ice and Water Shield – Used on the eaves of the roof, roof to wall and the valley, vertex construction uses Ice and Water Shield to protect your roof from leaking when water makes its way through the outermost layer of your roof.
  • Felt Paper – Similar to the Ice and Water Shield, vertex construction uses Felt Paper to cover the remainder of the wood deck.  If you have a steeper roof, a thicker mat will need to be used in order to prevent the paper from tearing due to foot traffic on your roof.
  • Flashing – vertex construction uses metal flashing made of either aluminum or copper in areas that are hard to reach and that are unable to be protected by Ice and Water Shield or Felt Paper.  The most common areas that require flashing include the area where the roof meets the siding, eaves, rakes, chimneys, skylights and valleys.

From roof repair to a new roofing replacement, vertex construction will provide you with quality service and a vast amount of solutions to choose from to help you not only protect your home but also keep its beauty alive.  Choose a roofing company and roofing contractor that you can trust today!


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